About us

Common Weal is about bottom-up politics, driven by and focussed on the needs of us all, not just a self-serving elite.

Common Weal is a vision of what Scotland can be if it rejects the failed Me-First politics that left us all in second place and instead builds a politics that puts All Of Us First.

View the key ideas.

A handful have set up the Common Weal Fife group in this spirit but it’s not ours – its yours, so get involved. We had nearly 60 people at our first meeting. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter and here of course. Get in touch!


At the moment, we are a very loose organisation.  A handful of us (Angela, Bryce, Ellen, Grant and Lewis) are organising the meetings and dealing with other day-to-day stuff. We have a large number of regulars who come to most of our meetings plus others who come less frequently. As we approach our first year anniversary, we are looking at ways to formalise things to some degree while still maintaining the flexibility in what we do and how we do it.


2 Responses to About us

  1. Irene Campbell says:

    Just heard about Common Weal Fife – sounds great. Next meeting in March – where do you meet and when?


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