Our Most Recent Meetings

We recently ran two meetings, week apart, in Kirkcaldy and Dunfermline

An evening with Lesley Riddoch and Gerry Hassan

21 June 2017, Kirkcaldy

19399393_1135157499961466_3533226756063931962_nDue to unforeseen circumstances, Gerry couldn’t make it but Mike Small (Bella Caledonia), who we’d booked as guest chair, stepped in as our second speaker.

Local organiser, Ellen Fox, offers a brief summary.

Lesley Riddoch championed the Nordic societies and challenged us to make more demands on our government. “Britain isn’t normal” was explored and the need for the good of society to to be prioritised over the needs of financial markets was highlighted. Taxation as a positive investment into health and well-being a future to fight for.

In relation to the looming Brexit problems, Lesley highlighted the diverse relationships of the other small Nordic nations with Europe, discussing the possibility of “doing a Norway” by being in the EEA and keeping in the single market. Scotland’s size as an independent nation making us more attractive than the UK as a whole.

At the end of the evening there was a signing of her book McSorgasbord. A recommended read.

Mike Small made the case for the continued fight for Independence and listed several reasons to remain positive, amongst them:

  • The result of the GE and the swing to the left and the openness for more radical policies.
  • The fact that the mainstream media’s power is on the wane.
  • The shifting generational demography and the engagement of the youth.
    And the ongoing work of think tanks like Common Weal and of the Scottish Independence Convention.
  • These factors and the fact that Brexit is likely to be a disaster should lead to more favourable attitude for change.

What emerged throughout the evening was a call to focus on the continued campaign for Independence; the referendum will happen when that support increases.

Where Next? Corbyn, Brexit, and Independence

28 July 2017, Dunfermline (co-hosted with RIC Fife)

We had booked Sarah Beattie Smith and Jonathon Shafi to open our discussion on this topic.  Unfortunately both took ill on the day but we managed to draft in Peter McColl and local organiser, Lewis Akers, conveyed some of Jonathon’s thoughts to the meeting via notes.

Independence Live came along and recorded the meeting and the lively discussion that followed the opening contributions, so you can watch it here


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