Here come the girls

The Wee Ginger Dug gives the definitive (and hilarious) account of the leaders’ debate.

Wee Ginger Dug

So let’s have a heated debate! The party leaders lined up on Thursday evening to take turns at bashing David Cameron, because, let’s face it, he deserves it. It looked a bit like an afternoon gameshow, which to be honest isn’t far off the mark. It’s just seven to one instead of fifteen to one.

Quite shockingly, when reading the leaders’ biographies before the gameshow – sorry, the debate – I discovered that I am older than all seven of the party leaders and I’m not even that close to claiming my alicsammin buspass. But I’m even older than Nigel, which is gobsmacking, since I had always thought that Nigel Farage had been brought to us from the 1950s.

The three female leaders were there too, invited only because the broadcasters ran out of excuses not to invite any women after insisting that Nigel Farage had to be there because…

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