Crossing the Line

I am inspired and proud
of those whose voices
speak the language
of a new democratic
politic of the people
rooted in honesty and respect,
justice and integrity …..
a world
away from westminster’s
web of deceit

But online
and elsewhere
the trolls continue
to do their rounds
spreading vitriol

And tangled threads
of name calling
and cussing
and ill wishes
and lies
and rumours
and mis-leading
headings and information
are become common place……

In spin city, in the land
of better together
I hear the posse
laughing and shouting
divide and rule
haar haar haar
business as usual then!
it gives me the boak!

A new and democratic
politic of the people……
it’s our choice!

Maureen Matthews 2015


About Alan Mackie

I'm a Research Associate and PhD student at the University of Edinburgh - completing early 2018. Sociology, education, youth studies and research methods are my areas of interest and this is primarily what you'll find on the blog. Thanks for reading and all feedback welcome.
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3 Responses to Crossing the Line

  1. pureantihero says:

    Pass my thanks on to Maureen Alan. This is lovely work.


  2. BarryTones says:

    bravo Maureen! that’s a great piece. spot on


  3. Rhona Crisp says:

    Well expressed


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