Days Like These

with apologies to Billy Bragg, my crude attempt to rework his song – the last verse is his, not mine, but I think fits well

Days Like These

The party built to represent us
Now backs the other side
The neo-liberal consensus
To the ‘extreme centre’ is tied
While cuts pour down upon us
Like a storm of winter rain
Austerity’s disciples
Are shielded from the pain

They need bigger salaries
While for us it’s cuts in pay
Schools, benefits and NHS
Are privatised away
And labour, with a small ‘l’
Cries in front of the TV
Sold out yet another time
When are they going to see?

In post-referendum Scotland
We haven’t gone away
The No vote didn’t quell our wish
To bring in that better day
Learn lessons from the past but
Push ahead for something new
No carping from the sidelines
Work together, see it through

Peace, bread, work and freedom
Are the best we can achieve
And wearing badges is not enough
In days like these


About Grant Buttars

Socialist, trade unionist, RISE, Common Weal Fife.
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