Not in my name

Not in my name


In the days and weeks after
September 19th
a gloom descended
over all the land
a low spirit
crept into the people
while an unexpected indian summer
made mockery of the mood ….
there were no jubilant gatherings
no laughing or smiling faces
just subdued and solemn people
casting apprehensive sideway glances
wondering, if they can chance
a small hesitant smile
on streets, in shops, in workplaces
and even in homes

This is no celebration
of something won
or noble gain
and no joyful liberation
for anyone,
for we have all lost
something so profound
our hearts are breaking
our air seems heavy
with doubt and misgiving
and I am afraid
for my people and my land
as both seem lost
in a terrifying global
corporate nightmare

What do you think,
of these wealthy scaremongers,
of your rights being stolen,
the lying, the privatising
the cover ups protecting
paedophiles and rapists,
punishing the poor and vulnerable,
introducing ongoing austerity,
what do you think of them
and their corporate media familiars
who soured votes into scotch mist
sniggered, smirked, gloated and
laughed all the way to their
bailed out banks
while fighting wars in foreign lands
for peace and democracy!

For the warmongering posse
there is always another expedient war,
who benefits, why and how?
trillions more to line fat corporate pockets
while power shifts present
new opportunities and alliances,
cultures crumble, ecosystems vanish
and our earth grows toxic
as they carve up between them
resources, profits and countries,
and people whose
flesh and bones and blood
splatter across lands
reduced to bleeding rubble
in all our names!
For peace and democracy!

The universal significance
of our referendum vote
is echoed in the growing alarm
and political activities
of peoples everywhere
who are outraged
worn down, and exhausted
by the struggle to just survive
condemned by lost rights
to a miserable existence
of fear and uncertainty
and to the brutality
of never ending wars
for land, and religion,
for military positioning,
and for the power in all
that they consider gold,
to be bought and sold.
Enough, I am tired of being afraid!

Codes of silence are not golden
No See, No Hear, No Say ….
IT IS a moral responsibility
to bear witness
to condemn the inhumanity
the dehumanization …….
we are all afraid…….
and it will take all of us
to withstand the formidable might
of a parcel of rogues from many nations
in their journey towards
absolute power and control
…….that’s a fact
This is no dream
of a better together future
for any of us
the circle is broken

Yet still, somehow we live with hope
and here, in our land
and around the world,
always, new circles gather
to carry the aspirations
of shackled nations
who are all weary
fighting for the land
they should be living for…..

Across our beautiful earth
A thousand years and more
of struggle and hope
and it is not over……
come a thousand more
there is no giving up…..

The world is alive
with countless ways to say
None of this in My Name!
there are many ways to be brave
To See To Hear To Speak To Do
Whatever You Can
For social justice, democracy, and Peace. xx

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About Alan Mackie

I'm a Research Associate and PhD student at the University of Edinburgh - completing early 2018. Sociology, education, youth studies and research methods are my areas of interest and this is primarily what you'll find on the blog. Thanks for reading and all feedback welcome.
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  1. awesome. not in my name either.

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