First Meeting in Kirkcaldy

On a damp evening on the 1st December 2014, nearly 60 folk from all over Fife packed into the St Clair Tavern in Kirkcaldy to participate in a lively discussion about a different way of doing politics.

People signed up to get involved and everyone was keen to share their ideas and experiences. We covered a whole range of subjects from participatory democracy to TTIP and fracking. As well as the discussion itself, people recorded on paper the main issues they thought the local group should be addressing as well as ideas for how we organise ourselves.  These will inform what we do next.

Down the road somewhere, it was old-style politics of the few where Gordon Brown of Vow was saying goodbye. In the St Clair Tavern, we had our eyes on something bigger, broader and much more relevant to our community. This was grassroots politics in action and is just the beginning.

Grant Buttars


About Grant Buttars

Socialist, trade unionist, RISE, Common Weal Fife.
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4 Responses to First Meeting in Kirkcaldy

  1. Sandra Edmondson says:

    Hear! Hear!


  2. Anne Morton says:

    A lovely beginning , Grant… and although I couldn’t make the first meeting I was with you in spirit.
    I have made a commitment to Common Weal through direct debit and hope to come to local meetings.
    Meanwhile can I say the whole Common Weal ethos has inspired so many of us to be more caring and sharing. With the cold weather still to come and Christmas when so many are without luxuries or even necessities and so many feel their loneliness even more accentuated it is time to think what we can do to support others.
    I have made a start through my efforts with Contact the Elderly charity and foodbank donations but like many others would like to share more with my fellow Scots … any ideas from others will be helpful.
    I look forward to learning so much more about social justice, democracy. etc in the new year from Common Weal both nationally and locally.


    • pureantihero says:

      Looking forward to working with you too Anne. It’s been encouraging to see people so positive and switched on to taking matters into our own hands, isn’t it?


  3. gbuttars says:

    Many thanks. We live in exciting times! – Grant


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